Horse Pension

The farm also offers horse pension with daily care of the boxes. The horses are walked out to the pastures everyday, unless the weather is too poor. Each horse gets fed twice a day. We also offer different size boxes to suit the needs of your horse. Box sizes vary from 9 till 45 square-meters which gives plenty of room for your horse to move around. The farm also offers an outdoor sand based arena that enables you to work with your horse as you wish. Pricing varies depending on the size of the stall and the type of the horse. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions or feel free to drop by if you want to have a closer look at the infrastructures and the location. I’m sure you’ll love the place!

Horses spend their days outside in the pastures:

They are brought in to their cosy stalls in the evening:

The outdoor sand arena can be used at any time to work with your horse:

… and of course when kids get a ride they are always delighted:

Here the toilets accessible to the clients :

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