Crop farming is one of the main activities of the farm. We mainly plant corn, wheat and rape that grow without irrigation in our area. Respecting the environment has been one of our priorities these last decades, introducing minimal till and reduction of chemicals. For instance, trichogramma are deployed in corn to fight the corn borer. Trichogramma are endoparasitoids that lay their eggs in the eggs of the corn borer, which as a result, destroys it in a natural way. To minimise carbon footprint, unnecessary transport of crops is reduced by having the trucks loaded directly at the farm. Later the crops are than transported away by ship over the Rhein.

Getting the field ready for planting:

Field now ready for planting:

Planting corn:

We also grow wheat:

Harvesting wheat is always a great event:

A harvested wheat field:

Lots of fun for the kids:

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