Industrial Research

If you’re wondering what industrial research has to do with farming, horses and model airplanes, don’t! The answer is, I started off my carrier in industrial research working in the field (probably not the one you’re thinking off) of Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) and Geometrical and Dimensional Tolerancing (GD&T) applied to production.

After finishing my Phd in mechanics at the University of Savoie in Annecy, in collaboration with the Technical Center for screw machining (Cetim-Ctdec) in Cluses, I continued on in the same field developing a specialized software called “Copilot Supervisor”, and this for the Cetim-Ctdec and the local screw machining industry. This innovative software is basically a “dimensional autopilot” for turning, milling and turn-milling CNC machines. Of course, mono and multi spindle screw machines are also supported.
The philosophy behind this software is to use the measurements of a produced part to compute, through different algorithms, the new values of the tools offsets and production parameters. By doing so, production dimensional deviations can be drastically reduced and this in a time saving and effortless way for the machine operator. The part measures can be obtained by an independent CMM machine or directly from an in-process measuring device through On Machine Verification (OMV) technics.
Here is a video presenting the Cetim-Ctdec, the compagny I work for. You can have another glims at the Copilot Pro Supervisor (3’13”) and also some industrial feedback on the quality improvements you can expect using this steering software (3’32”):

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