Leihouse 1951


We are proud to announce to you that the Goldschmidt family has been living on this farm for over a century! 

Here are the main facts and figures :

  • 1900 : My great grandfather rented this farm from the Baron de Reinach,
  • 1970 : My grandfather than bought the farm from the Comte de Kervenoël,
  • 1975 : My father and my uncle then developed cattle and crop farming,
  • 1986 : The bulls where then swapped for horses but crop farming continued,
  • 2014 : I took over the farm. Hey why not?

I like these old pictures of the farm in 1962 that give us an insight in the life of our ancestors:

Leihouse 1962 - Main house front vue
The main house as it was years back
Leihouse 1962 - Main house back vue
The main house seen from the back
Leihouse 1962 - Vu towards Switzerland
The vue towards Switzerland
Leihouse 1962 - Gardin
The old garden

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